Campaign Responses

Constituents regularly contact me regarding a range of issues, I always endeavor to respond directly to those who take the time to get in touch as a priority. However, my campaign responses will be published here in due course. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if would like to contact me about a particular campaign, you can do so by visiting my contact page.

Primates as pets August 2021

Primates are highly intelligent wild animals with complicated welfare needs, and require open spaces, varied diets, social contact and plenty of warmth and light. When primates are confined in tiny cages, often alone and with little stimulation, their lives are a misery.

Night time industries COVID passport August 2021

Thank you for contacting about COVID-status certification and vaccine passports.

As we learn to live with this virus, some of life’s most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccination.

Local Beer Duty July 2021

I welcome the temporary cut to VAT from 20 per cent to 5 per cent for all food and non-alcoholic drinks, which has been extended until the end of September and will be followed by a 12.5 per cent rate until 31 March 2022.

Electoral Commission Reform July 2021

As you may be aware, the Electoral Commission has sought in recent years to bring criminal offences before the courts. This is not a role that has ever been agreed by the Government or by Parliament.

International Aid - 0.7% June 2021

This country has been and always will be open and outward-looking, leading in solving the world's toughest problems and striving to be a force for good in the world.

Campaign against the use of Neonicotinoids

The Government continues to support the restrictions on neonicotinoids to protect pollinators, and emergency authorisations for pesticides are only granted in exceptional circumstances where diseases or pests cannot be controlled by any other reasonable means.

Fire Safety and Cladding Remediation Costs.

The £1 billion Building Safety Fund, alongside the £600 million in funding already provided for the removal of Grenfell-style ACM cladding, will help remove unsafe cladding on high-rise residential buildings, protecting leaseholders from remediation costs.