My Plan for Heywood & Middleton

                                                                                 Keeping my promises to you

During the 2019 General Election I made a clear commitment to the people of Heywood & Middleton with My Plan. Now 12 months has passed I am pleased to say that, despite unexpected events, I am already delivering on the promises I made to the people of this wonderful constituency. 

1.  I said I would support the Government to Get Brexit Done.

My very first vote in Parliament was to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum and I will continue to make sure that Brexit works for the British people.    

2. I said that I would work to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. 

I hold regular meetings with local police and residents groups and I am pleased that those actions are helping to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour in our communities. 

3. I promised to fight for more good quality homes, built on brownfield first.

I am still fighting against Labour's GMSF (Greater Manchester Spatial Framework) and working together local and regional greenbelt groups, I will continue to push for Andy Burnham's plans to build on our greenbelt to be scrapped. 

4. I said I would fight for more high quality jobs and investments in the local community.  

I have already secured £10m of infrastructure investments to make local brownfield industrial sites more viable for employers who want to come and create new jobs in Heywood & Middleton.

5. I committed to fight for better transport links and infrastructure. 

I am working at National and Local levels to press for new Metrolink connections to our town centres and better bus and train services - working with TfGM, the Mayor and the Department for Transport to get the affordable and efficient public transport we deserve. 

6. I promised to back Government plans to invest in training.

Local people can now take advantage of the Government's lifelong Learning Guarantee, with better access to courses and funding to help people enhance their skills or retrain to take advantage of new employment opportunities. I work closely with local schools and colleges and the DWP to make sure that people locally have access to the support they need to get ahead and get on.