£10k Coronavirus Fund for MP's Offices

Whilst I understand the initial concerns of some people regarding these measures, I am afraid that I believe these are the result of highly misleading articles in national newspapers. I want to be clear that MPs are not receiving any extra money for working at home. IPSA – the independent body who regulate MPs expenses – have decided to extend MPs office costs by £10,000 to allow staff, who might not have the correct equipment to be able to work at home to continue to support their MP. It is a contingency fund to support MPs through a global health pandemic and allow them to serve and communicate with their constituents through this difficult time.

I have, so far, not felt the need to use any of this budget. However, I am keeping this under constant review as I believe that my constituents many of whom are key workers, own businesses or are trapped overseas should be served in the most efficient way by their Member of Parliament.