Northern Rail Franchise  

I share your concerns about the railways, and I shall be campaigning hard to ensure that my constituency is better served by rail providers.  For far too long, millions of rail passengers in the north of England have not had the rail services they deserve and, consequently, have had to put up with unacceptable delays and cancellations. 

I am pleased that the Government has now taken charge of running services on the Northern network.  Improving the service performance and reducing overcrowding will be priorities, along the rebuilding passenger confidence.  Ministers are committed to addressing the overcrowding too.  Platforms will be lengthened at 30 station to allow for longer trains, and new technology to identify crowding pinch points will be trialled to ensure that trains are being deployed in the most effective way to meet demand.  Tackling issues arising from inadequate infrastructure though not straightforward, will also be key. 

No stone should be left unturned improving services for passengers, business, communities and town centres.  The railways were invented in the north of England, and it’s time the north’s economy is strengthened, rather than weakened, by its rail network. 

I shall be following these issues extremely closely as I Campaign for better transport infrastructure across Heywood and Middleton.